A Complete Guide from Open Bay Shed Builders on Orientations!

  • Rural Shed Builders
  • 09 Sep 2021

Once you find having not many options at home for your machinery storage, you may have to get a farm shed. In fact, opting for the latest open bay sheds and ideating how it will look like may have already been done! Isn’t it? But our open bay shed builders are talking about the orientation in today’s blog!

Have you considered that? Which angle will your farm sheds face? People generally avoid this, and you are not an exception! Considering the shed orientation will help you gain several advantages in different climate conditions.

Smart ideas from open bay shed builders about orientations

According to experts, open bay sheds are best for your farm because of their efficiency to keep your grains and machinery perfectly in this space. And the right shed orientation matters here most! It depends on the seasonal changes of the sun’s position, wind patterns, and more!

And our following guidance will help you to do so! Have a look:

Facing the shed towards North

Needless to say, in NSW and QLD, sunlight exposure is most in the northerly orientation. Yet, make sure to have the entrance of your farm shed facing North to have direct sunlight inside! It will help you get an amount of natural light in the daytime that can ease your work there! But strong wind and rain can be an issue sometimes!

Keeping the farm shed on the East

At Rural Shed Builders, our expert open bay shed builders suggest facing the sheds on the East. In the majority location of Sydney (NSW and QLD), this shed orientation is quite suitable! The risk of storm and direct harsh sunlight is fewer at this angle that keeps your machinery more protected in an open bay shed.

Orientation towards South

In NSW and QLD, a south-facing farm shed means having access to little sunlight. It may be great to save your machinery from direct sunlight, but not for space! It would be too challenging to work in a damp and cold place, especially during winter.

Westerly facing open bay shed

Honestly, not a great idea! Most storms in these locations come from the West that could be a safety threat for your open bay sheds. It’s better to avoid this orientation to protect your machinery, hay, and grains!

Was it helpful? We hope you will keep these tips in mind while our services from the open bay shed builders. Keep in touch!

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