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How to Keep Your Farm Shed Cool During Summertime

  • Rural Shed Builders
  • 10 Jun 2022

No matter how much you try, you cannot keep your farm shed safe from all climates every time! Maybe the orientation of your farm shed in Brisbane prevents the direct hit of the storm and high winds, but not the sun in the summer months. Yet, you find working in the shed uncomfortable, indeed!

Yes, it may not be possible to cover the direct sunlight or reduce the summer warmth that heats the shed. But you can cool the space down to bring comfort back to your workspace and improve the ventilation.

Smart Ways to Cool Your Farm Shed Building in Summer Days

Here are some options that you can implement in your farm shed building to keep the room cool and enhance its comfort of the room:

Add door and windows:

If you are designing your shed building right now or thinking of renovating it to cool down the space in summer so you and your staff can work here comfortably, add more doors and windows as much as possible! When you open those up, they will allow cool air to flow through your steel farm shed building. Make sure you check the orientation before installing doors and windows to ensure the way cool air blows in summer.

Install roof ventilation:

At Rural Shed Builders, we suggest attaching roof ventilation to your farm shed to draw the hot air out. You can look for ridge vents or gable vents for ventilation methods. You can check the pictures on our Pinterest! Besides, if you cannot afford the vents, go for steel sheeting suitable to your climate.

Air conditioning:

Brisbane is one of the warmer parts of Australia, and if you have to work in your shed a lot, like most hours of the day, you better think of installing an AC unit to your farm shed building. It will keep the space cool during summer and make it more comfortable for you and even livestock. Also, your grains and crops will remain better here than outside in a hot climate!

Think of adding Insulation:

Controlling the temperature is another way to keep the shed cool. Install high-quality roof insulation to reduce the warmth inside your shed and bring back comfort to the workspace!

So, if you need a customised farm shed building design, contact us! Even for more information about machinery or hay sheds, keep reading our previous blogs. Stay connected!

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