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How to Protect Your Farm Equipment in Machinery Sheds!

  • Rural Shed Builders
  • 30 Oct 2021

Not to mention, the risk of farm machinery theft comes with unwanted complications for most farm owners. Even while keeping your stuff in the machinery sheds, many people find it damaged or stolen, which comes with a big hit to your wallet! In fact, a survey shows that many farms have experienced an interruption in productivity and regular work for this.

So, what can you do to prevent that? We are here with some effective tips to keep your farm equipment protected in machinery sheds.

Tips to keep the tools safe in machinery sheds

Whether you buy steel farms sheds for your machinery or something else, a few things are there that you can do! Our tips will help you keep the farm equipment safe and sound under your machinery sheds. Such as:

Keep a record 

Start with having a record of the farm equipment that you have got so far! Especially make sure to include those that are expensive and have the chance to get stolen. For example:

  • Note down the VIN numbers of the farm vehicles like tractors.
  • Have a record of all the tools you store in the machinery sheds.
  • Take photos of all the farm equipment if possible!

All these details can help you make a claim the tools if stolen any day.

Lockable gates

This one is the easiest way to keep the invaders out of your farm and save the machinery from damage. Also, the lockable gates are great to install on your property gates to prevent trespassers from breaking into in your absence. Also, you can consider installing hinges on the gates so that no one can move locks with ease!

Lockable machinery sheds

At Rural Shed Builders, we suggest machinery shade installation with locks. It can make it harder for the invaders to access your farm equipment. For instance, you can go for the sliding doors to get a better lock option for your shade.

Other basic safety measures

Apart from the above, some other security measures you can take to keep your farm machinery safe. Such as:

  • Don’t leave the keys outside
  • Store rarely used machinery somewhere else than the shed
  • Keep the vehicles locked and secured while not using

We hope our tips will be helpful for you! And if you require machinery sheds on your premises, let us know! We supply and offer custom designs for sheds that can meet your security needs. Stay connected!

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