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Straight Arena Shed Builders: A Guide on Estimated Shed Prices!

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  • 12 Mar 2022

Don’t you think that your horses need proper shelter, unlike you? After all, these helpless creatures don’t deserve to endure the bitter cold, pounding rain, the beating sun. So, if you want to provide them with any protection from Mother Nature, building an arena shed makes sense. According to our arena shed builders, it will help your horses to enjoy roaming outside without getting hurt from harsh climate conditions. But if you are quite budget-conscious, we can help you ideate the overall expenses for the arena shed building.

Arena Shed Builders’ Guide on Shed Price Estimation

Yes, the biggest question that may trigger your mind is the quality of the arena shed and the overall expenses accordingly. To be honest, if you are expecting top-quality, you have to estimate a little more than your budget, or you can say that you should go for a high range.
On the other hand, the estimation can vary and change, depending on the structure you choose and features you add to the horse arena shed. Also, the location and material of sheds can drive or lower the costs.

True costs of an arena shed

Maybe you won’t believe it, but the first question we have gotten from most clients is about the arena shed prices, not the colour or shed design. That’s why we are here with a budget estimation for shed supply and build.
The overall cost of an arena shed for your horses depends on exactly what you are opting for. In that case, the range can be anywhere between $3445 to $14150 around. You can determine the expenses by the shed design and size of the building.

Affordable arena shed prices

If you are one of those farm owners having only a few horses, a small arena shed is sufficient to protect the horses from harsh climate conditions. But make sure that the structure is convenient for your animals to roam around and feed. For a single horse, a 10X10 run-in shed or arena shed structure is perfect, and that comes around $3050 or more, depending on the style you choose.
Now, if you want ample storage space in the arena shed with add-on features, like cupolas, cabinets, or feed rooms, go for the largest one that costs nearly $11000. The charges can drive up while embracing custom designs, and the outlay will be from $5500 to upwards of $11000.

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