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What Approvals Do You Require for Your Hay Shed Building?

  • Rural Shed Builders
  • 12 Apr 2022

Hay sheds are no different from other buildings. Yet, while planning a hay shed building, all the relevant council approvals are essential, whilst the building structure needs to meet all applicable legislation. If you have no idea about it, we can help you with that. In today’s blog, you can learn the ins and outs of approvals required for hay sheds.

A Detailed Ins and Outs of Hay Shed Building Approval

Of course, hay sheds are the best to save your wallet from a bad hit. We suggest two different hay shed building approvals- planning approval and building approval. And the building structure and designs must comply with current rules and regulations. Let’s get into the details:

Planning approval for Hay Shed Building

Planning approval is nothing but a legal document that helps to grant permission for land development or extension. It will ensure that your plans comply with the local legislation, building codes, and policies. Yes, not every shed requires planning approval. If you meet the following considerations, you need an approval:

  • Your land is in the floodplain area

  • Your hay shed exceeds 10m² in area

  • If the land has heritage compliance

  • When the land has a house on the site

  • When you are building the hay shed in a bushfire prone area

Now, the planning approval costs up to 0.32% of the total expenses of the hay shed building.

Building approval

Without a building permit, you cannot carry out any construction. It ensures the structure of the hay shed is safe and complies with local legislation regarding your building and land. To make the process easy, you can consult and ask for help from our shed builders.

Have you found the details sufficient? If not, you can go for a free consultation with our hay shed builders. Additionally, you can look over the latest hay shed design on Pinterest if required. Stay in touch!

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