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What Makes Wide Span Shades the Best Choice for Your Farm?

  • Rural Shed Builders
  • 11 May 2022

Owning a farm is, no doubt, a great source of income and convenience in Australia. But while running a farm, the protection of the grains and animals is your responsibility. And if you are thinking of installing sheds for that, we recommend wide span sheds here. You can see the shed designs on our Pinterest to have an idea of it.

However, the query may trigger in your mind like “WHY wide span?” In today’s blog, we are going to answer it.

Why Are Wide Span Sheds a Great Choice for Your Farm?

Of course, even at Rural Shed Builders, we have endless options for shed installations, from Diamond Tough sheds to Aircraft Hangar sheds to Wide Span sheds. Still, we would like to suggest wide span sheds for farms as the best choice. And the reason is nothing but its extended features that provide better protection and functionality. Let us explain to you HOW!

The best part of wide span sheds is the added features to its roof section. For instance, you will find widened and broadened roof sections on gutter sides and gable ends in both gable-roofed and skillion sheds. The eaves extension allows better form and functionality of the shed, especially in extreme weather conditions. Also, you will get a better and enhanced look and access (opening) to shed apart from the improved climate protection.

However, the width of the wide span sheds depends on the size of your building, including the design and layout that decides the wind speed allowance. In fact, our shed builders can extend the roof of your farm shed in another way that is verandah style.

On the other hand, the cantilever style is also a great alternative adjacent to entries for those having farms in loading areas or high traffic conditions. But just like the eave extensions, the width of these designs (cantilevered sections) depends on the wind speed allowance and layout.

Bottom Line

So, what do you think? Do you want to add this feature to your next farm shed building project? Let us know! If you wish to install wide span sheds in your existing farm area or create a new shed building, contact us. Our shed builders will guide you throughout the process, from design to execution of your project.

And while looking for more information or a quote, you better get a free consultation with our shed builders. Stay connected!

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