How to Look Over and Maintain the Open Bay Sheds: An Ultimate Guide!

  • Rural Shed Builders
  • 21 Sep 2021

Winter has just faded away, and you are ready to welcome spring. And just like other farm owners, if you have also embraced open bay sheds in Coffs Harbour, today’s blog is for you! A wet and cold climate comes with the most possibilities and risks of cracked shed roofs, windows, and gutters. It’s the right time to have a maintenance check on your farm sheds!

Smart tips for maintaining your open bay sheds

Well, you may have already checked our previous blogs and gone through smart ideas from open bay shed builders to decide on the right orientation for sheds. But that’s not enough!

You need to have the maintenance check of it. Here’s HOW you can start:

Check the roofing

The roofing of the open bay sheds looks quite attractive with decoration and feels like shingles. But the worst part is that over time, especially in winter, the shed roofing can deteriorate. Take a stepladder and check the apex and roof edges where the nail heads are mounted!

Look into the gutters!

Now, it’s time to check the gutter system of your open bay sheds. Anyway, at Rural Shed Builders, our experts suggest inspecting the gutter pipe if it is attached to your farm shed after the winter storm. Also, clean the leaves and debris stuck in there to avoid overflowing and water leaks.

Go for the windows!

As an open bay shed doesn’t have door options, you need not worry about wearing the door frames out. However, there’s the risk of rusted window hinges and locks that may cause piling up the snow within its vents. Also, look over the seal and if you find any broken one, let an expert handle that! Finally, last but not least is the floor or base of your farm shed! Here, you should check if you can find damp patches anywhere. If not, look for window jamming! It could be a sign of shed damage!

Have you got it? We hope you find our guide helpful and maintain your open bay shed perfectly. Also, if you need our services for shed supply and construction. View us on Pinterest and stay in touch!

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